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choosing a quality program

Because we are a nail technology school, our attention is only on nails and the quality of you nail training.Here are some important questions to ask before choosing your nail technology school.


Are the Instructors practicing nail technicians?

Did you know that in most nail programs, classes are taught by Cosmetology Instructors? At Color My Nails School of Nail Technology it's important for our instructors to be practicing what they teach! All of the instructors of Color My Nails School of Nail Technology are practicing nail technicians. This helps them stay in tune with the changes of the industry as well as inform our students of the latest and greatest changes in their career choice.


Does the school offer extensive drill training?

Because drills are used so much in our industry, drill training is essential to our profession. Not only is a drill included in your kit but we require you to have at least 10 hours of drill experience before you graduate from our school.


Does the school offer white tip fill classes?

White-Tip Fills are one of the most crucial services you will be trained to perform. In the nail world this service is one of the most popular. You might find that as a professional nail technician you will be required to perform more WTF's that anything else. At Color My Nails School of Nail Technology you will not only receive a demonstration of a WTF we will help you perfect this skill prior to graduation.


How many services does the school require the students to perform before graduation?

This question is one of the most important to ask when searching for the right nail school. Through much research and past experience, we feel a student must have plenty of experience with sculptured nails, tip sets and white-tip fills before graduation. We require our students to practice their work on "live fingers", and some mannequins hands. Because Color My Nails as been in business for many years and has a great reputation, our students are able to achieve their goals and have plenty of public services.


We encourage you to print this page for your reference when making your inquiries!




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